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We Nurture Your Skin With Nature’s Purest Elements

Whatever your skincare problem, nature has a solution to soothe and fix it - and Rosy Lana is here to make things a little easier, offering a line of products that tick all the boxes: efficient formulas, organic ingredients, and visible results. 

Our botanical-forward blends are packed with all the minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins your skin needs to regain its vitality and minimize any aging signs. After just the first use, they will noticeably improve the look and feel of your skin, eliminating any disturbing pores and leaving your complexion more radiant, firm, and healthy. 

From Our Farm Directly To Your Skin

Our skincare goods are made in the USA with the best ingredients from around the world. Every time you open a Rosy Lana bottle and inhale its soothing aroma, you get a glimpse of what our facilities feel and smell like daily. Our organic farm hosts a state-of-the-art laboratory where our team of skincare experts works hard to turn simple, natural ingredients into nutrient-rich products that cater to your skin. 

All our products are available in small batches to ensure they remain fresh and find their place in your skincare cabinet as soon as possible. Producing in small batches also allows us to stay on top of quality control so you can rest assured that the products you are holding have been made to our level of standards. 

At Rosy Lana, nature is our mother, our muse, and our trusted source of potent ingredients. That is why we team up with organic growers and ethical producers to get the freshest, purest, and most exquisite-quality botanicals. 

Pairing these plants with other trusted materials, our skincare professionals follow rigorous development processes to create nourishing formulas that contain no water so you can reap the powerful befits these natural extracts offer to your complexion. 

We Stay Away From Nasty Stuff & Unsustainable Practices

Rosy Lana was created to help you get the most glowing skin without a drop of synthetic chemicals. Pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and, of course, cruelty have absolutely no place in our products. Our vegan and organic skincare goods are formulated without parabens, ethoxylates, petroleum, formaldehyde donors, artificial colors, or harsh preservatives. 

We always strive to remain kind to your skin and the planet, using sustainable manufacturing methods with minimum impact on nature. Our farm is rainwater and solar-powered with a zero carbon footprint, while our small batches contain no harmful ingredients like their mass-produced counterparts. 

Since the inception of Rosy Lana, our goal has been to supply you with all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare products made ethically, sustainably, and with your complexion health as a priority. It’s a promise we have kept and will continue to honor as we step into the future. 

Our Journey To Get Here

I always get asked how I got into natural skincare…

Growing up my mom and grandma would always turn our time in the kitchen into skincare fun. My mom would call me over while cutting cucumbers to put some on my face and her. It always felt so joyful, we were connecting as women in that kitchen.

I am a believer that nature, like our mothers, wants only the best for us. We certaintly can’t deny the inherent intelligence of our nature. It's here to support our health and well-being. So I trust that it has everything my skin needs to stay healthy.

Active nutrients derived from nature are simply the best that we can give our skin for the youthful glow of good health.

I used to have large pores, uneven skin tone, and dry cheeks with flaking skin.

Fast forward to today. I don’t use a heavy foundation at all, just a natural tinted moisturizer. No more large pores, my skin feels hydrated and smooth.

And for the first time in my life, I am fully satisfied with how my skin looks and feels.

All it took was a quick, but effective daily routine.  

A 3-step daily routine I created for myself and then evolved into Rosy Lana Skincare for other women just like me.

I invite you to dive in and Indulge in the natural aromas of herbs, fruits, and flowers, while nourishing your skin with pure natural skincare.

Can't wait for you to try it!

Much love,

Luba S

CEO and Founder

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