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Natural Luxury
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Noticable Results

Our mission is to make you (and your skin) happy and glowing!
That glowing skin that you can show off without any makeup.

Our blend of plant-derived vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants will ensure your skin gets the required nutrition to stay healthy and fight against signs of aging and the environment.

We tested our products on over thousand of women,
99% of them notice immediate improvement of their skin after the first use. After eight weeks, you can notice:

  • Hydrated skin
  • Even texure
  • Bright and Healthy complexion
  • Firmer skin

Happy skin, happy you, get your morning glow and go!





Sustainable Manufacturing


Rosy Lana skincare products are made in the USA on an organic farm in the Southwest. The farm runs on solar power and rainwater with zero carbon footprint!

The facilities are regularly audited to ensure it meets the highest standards for the FDA and quality manufacturing standards.

The Research and Development laboratory of experts in professional skincare work diligently to improve the quality, performance, and functionality of our products.

Solar-powered. FDA registered. GMP certified. Only organic, natural ingredients. Cruelty-free.


Quality of Source


Ingredients are sourced from organic growers, leaving our products free from pesticides or chemical fertilizers. They are coming directly from ethical producers on six continents.

We select botanicals based on freshness, purity of source, quality, and potency.

They are harvested from their natural, wild habitat and extracted by the steam distillation method to heighten the freshness and efficacy of the products.

Only natural, organic ingredients. Vegan.
No ethoxylates. No parabens. No petroleum. No formaldehyde donors. No artificial colors. No harsh preservatives.

When you buy Rosy Lana you support clean, sustainable USA manufacturing!




Why would you invest in Small Batch Skincare


You probably have never realized that the production chain of mass skincare is so long that by the time you buy it, it's already two years old.

It mainly focuses on quantity, so it is common for the products to be diluted, and the quality of the manufacturing process is hard to truck.

Rosy Lana is a small batch, freshly made skincare line.

Notice, we don't have water in our products. Every drop of it consists of potent extracts to bring you the best possible result.

How Are We Different?


We focus on results.

We know that skin is our protective organ. It doesn't let everything go past its defenses, that's why the absorbancy of skincare is very important.

Our team of experts worked their magic to ensure the particles of our skincare are small enough for your skin to absorb them.

That's how you get the best out of your skincare and see noticeable results in a mirror.


From The Founder


I always get asked how I got into natural skincare…

Growing up my mom and grandma would always turn our time in the kitchen into skincare fun. My mom would call me over while cutting cucumbers to put some on my face and her. It always felt so joyful, we were connecting as women in that kitchen.

I am a believer that nature, like our mothers, wants only the best for us. We certaintly can’t deny the inherent intelligence of our nature. It's here to support our health and well-being. So I trust that it has everything my skin needs to stay healthy.

Active nutrients derived from nature are simply the best that we can give our skin for the youthful glow of good health.

I used to have large pores, uneven skin tone, and dry cheeks with flaking skin.

The most important for me was to not run out of the makeup foundation, so I can cover it up.

Fast forward to today. I don’t use a heavy foundation at all, just a natural tinted moisturizer. No more large pores, my skin feels hydrated and smooth.

And for the first time in my life, I am fully satisfied with how my skin looks and feels.

All it took was a quick, simple and effective 3-step daily routine.  

A 3-step daily routine I created for myself and then evolved into Rosy Lana Skincare for other women just like me.

I invite you to dive in and Indulge in the natural aromas of herbs, fruits, and flowers, while nourishing your skin with pure natural skincare.

 Let’s get you glowing!

  Luba S.


Rosy Lana is dedicated and inspired by a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul named Svetlana. She was a one-of-a-kind person, who spread kindness on everyone around her.

This true story happened in the 1970s. Svetlana was a doctor on a big cargo ship when a gentleman came in with a striking pain resistant to medications. It was clear he needed a hospital.

The ship’s captain said they will make a stop at the next port which was about 6 hours away. While he lay in pain, she thought to herself “what if it's his appendix”.

If that was the case, his life was in imminent danger. Svetlana wasn’t sure if she was right, it could have been something less critical, but she couldn’t leave it at that.

She went to the captain and said, “if you don’t turn your ship around, he is going to die here”. Maybe it was the tone of her voice or persistence, but something made the captain change his mind. He turned the ship around and went to the nearest port.

They took him into the hospital and as it turned out, her diagnosis was correct. He went directly to the operating room.

Long after, he couldn't thank her enough for essentially saving his life. Svetlana cared for everyone like they were her own.

At age 64 she tragically passed from skin cancer. Her husband died of a broken heart 11 days later. In loving memory, we want to spread the love and care for one another.

Please care for yourself, others and the environment.