Skin Toner Purpose

Is Skin Toner Necessary?

"Why should I use a toner?" High chances you asked yourself this question before. If so, you should know that face toners can be a great addition to your skincare routine. That is if you choose wisely and read the labels.


What Does Face Toner Do?

- it balances the pH level of your skin after cleansing.
  • Even if your cleanser is mild, there are high chances that your tap water is hard and contains different minerals such as calcium and magnesium. They can give you a feeling of tightness, dry the skin out, and you don't want them to be trapped inside your skin layers by the moisturizer.
  - it continues to clean.
  • Toners remove makeup and dirt residues, leaving your skin feeling refreshed. They also remove what is left of the cleanser and tap water, which can be especially useful if you have dry or sensitive skin.
  - it prepares your skin for the moisturizer. This is a very important point. A moisturizer seals the moisture that's already in the skin in order to keep it. Together with water it seals whatever else is there, be it the leftovers of the harsh elements from your cleanser or tap water.  
So if you follow the cleanser with a toner with vitamins and other valuable ingredients, they get sealed on your skin and increase the potency of a moisturizer as they infuse and work together.

Which Skin Toner Is The Best?

If you wonder, which skin toner to use, you should know that skincare producers offer a very wide range of products for different skin types and different tasks. In addition to the qualities mentioned above, some toners exfoliate, some heal oily and acne-prone skin, some soothe and hydrate. You should look for what addresses your needs.  

What To Avoid In Skin Toners?

To better remove dirt and makeup many toners contain alcohol that can irritate and dry the skin out, especially if it's already dry and sensitive. But if you use natural skincare products, this is not the case. Exfoliating toners contain AH- and BH-acids and should be used very carefully, as, overused, they can make oily skin produce even more oil and make dry skin more sensitive.

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