RESEARCH: Retinol Skin Penetration by Jojoba Oil




The researchers delved into the potential of natural jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis) to boost the passive penetration of retinol through the skin's lipid barrier. They conducted the study using the Skin-PAMPA model, examining three formulations: one without retinol, one with 1.0% retinol, and another with 1.0% retinol and 10% jojoba oil.



The results revealed a significant increase in retinol absorbency due to the presence of jojoba oil, showing a nearly 40 times higher retinol penetration compared to the control with retinol only.

This discovery points to the potential of jojoba oil to enhance the skin penetration of vital skincare actives such as retinol, thus potentially improving the efficacy of skincare products containing active ingredients.




Research shows

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