"How do I make my skin less oily?". If you keep looking for answers to this question, most likely you know that your skin produces too much sebum (mixture of oils and other protective elements).

Most people have this skin type, and it is likely to become dryer with age.


Why is my skin so oily?


We all are unique, and everyone might have their own reasons for having oily skin on their face. Or a combination of them. Here are some very common ones:

- wrong skincare products;

- teenage age

  • - genes (in this case you are part of 5-8% of the population,whose skin type doesn't     change with age);
  • - hormonal disbalance (common for women with polycystic ovaries, women taking hormonal contraceptives for a long time, sometimes in pregnancy and menopause);
  • - food preferences towards greasy and spicy dishes, pastries, processed sugars, fast food, sugary soda drinks and alcohol;
  • - stress (adrenaline glands reacting to stress factors make sebaceous glands work harder);
  • - certain medical conditions (like hyperthyreosis, cholecystitis, colitis and others).

How to care for oily skin?


If you have oily skin, you should be very careful as there is a tendency to overdo certain things trying to make it dry. When skin is being dried too hard, it compensates with producing more oils, and as a result you have an even shinier face.


Here are some basic rules on how to treat an oily face:


  1. - While you do want to wash your face twice a day and after a workout, make sure you use cool or warm water. Hot water stimulates skin's sebaceous glands.


  1. - Your top water could be too hard. When it contains too many minerals such as calcium and magnesium, it dries skin out and promotes excessive oil production. Try using filtered or bottled water instead.
  1. - Do not scrub your face not to irritate it and not to strip your skin off too many protective oils; don't touch it throughout the day as oily skin has the right environment for bacteria to grow.

Skincare Routine For Oily Skin


You should be very careful choosing skincare products and finding that perfect balance between excessive oil production and removing more protective oils than needed. That is why it is very important to use mild cleansers without harsh foaming elements and abrasive particles which deprive epidermis of its protection. This increases oil production.


After having washed your face gently, use a toner. Toners balance the skin's pH level after cleansing and contact with water. One of the functions of a moisturizer is to seal the moisture that has been on top of the skin inside. So you want to seal something nutritious for your skin instead of just tap water.


And yes, although you might think you can do without it, your oily skin still needs a moisturizer to keep it hydrated and to protect from the environment. Finish your simple morning/evening skincare routine with a moisturizer that has not only moisturizing but also nourishing and protective properties.

Mild Cleanser For Oily Skin

Won't strip your skin of natural protective oils

Natural Skincare For Oily Skin


Switching to natural skincare products is a great idea, as they are made without chemicals, alcohols, preservatives and fragrances, that are harmful for oily skin.


At the same time they have ingredients that have been used by different holistic systems for centuries and proved to be mild yet effective.

Natural Ingredients For Oily Skin

  2. Nature provides everything we need for every skin type and almost every condition. Most plants have diverse medicinal properties and are being used for multiple purposes. Here we mention some of the great ingredients and the way they work for oily skin.


Salicylic Acid.

  2. Salicylic acid is one of the most popular ingredients in skincare products for oily and prone to acne skin.


    Salicylic acid based skincare products are able to suppress the activity of the skin's sebaceous glands so that they produce less sebum; they strengthen the skin's defense mechanisms against microbes and inflammation.


    Applied to skin it destroys protein bridges between cells in the upper layer of epidermis (stratum corneum), immediately peeling it. At the same time Salicylic acid dissolves lipids (fats) of the stratum corneum, which fastens skin's smoothing and renewal. It also kills bacteria and disinfects.


    When skin's sebaceous glands produce increased amounts of oils, sebum becomes more viscous and thick, oxidizes easily, creating a suitable environment for multiplication of different bacteria colonies. In particular - Propionibacteria, which is responsible for development of acne. Being capable of dissolving fats, Salicylic acid penetrates sebaceous plugs easily, destroying them and making skin clear.

Green Tea.

  2. Green tea is packed with valuable and effective components, that's why it's extract has been widely used in acne treatments and skincare products for all skin types and for aging skin.


    Any kind of tea has the same plant origin - Camelia Sinensis (the rest depends on how the leaves of this plant have been fermented and dried).


    In Asia green tea has been used in cosmetology for ages. Its polyphenols have very strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They are also capable of grabbing and destroying the molecules of free radicals that damage and age our skin.


    One of the main qualities of green tea is its ability to repair inner walls of blood and lymphatic capillaries. The system of skin vessels is a microcirculation system, and when it's impaired skin ages faster, it changes color and shows dark or light pigment spots. Green tea helps to restore the microcirculation and allows to change skin's condition for the better.


    Also, green tea works as an antiseptic: clears skin off inflammation causing bacteria and suppresses the inflammation itself, relieving skin prone to acne from redness and puffiness.


  2. Lavender regulates sebum production and makes oily skin not too oily and dry skin not too dry. It is known as an antiseptic, a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory.


    Lavender is so unique, popular and multifunctional that you can find it anywhere nowadays, even in your coffee drink. It's been in use for nobody knows exactly how long, but at least 2500 years. Its name derives from Latin "lavare" as the Romans used it in bath-related activities to add fresh scent to water, clothes and bodies.


    If you could have only one essential oil in your life, it should be lavender. It helps to cure headaches, insomnia, insect bites, small cuts and get rid of moths. It's one of the few essential oils that can be applied to skin directly, so you can keep it in your purse and use it whenever needed as a freshener, perfume, acne treatment, or quick aroma therapy when you need to relax.


  2. Citrus extracts exfoliate skin and make it even. Besides, they narrow down skin's pores, lessen the production of sebum and fasten the renewal of upper skin level.

    Citrus essential oils are produced from their skin, extracts - from the fruit pulp.

    Citruses contain bioflavonoids which act as antioxidants, promoting cells' regeneration and healing.

    Unless you are allergic to them and have sensitive skin, look for citruses' extracts in your organic care for oily skin to lighten it and boost it with powerful vitamins.


  2. Papaya is used in skincare products for oily skin, for skin exfoliation and lightning.

    Its fruit pulp contains papain - a glycoprotein complex that works similar to gastric juice. It destroys proteins in epidermis, removes dead cells, evens out the surface of the skin, helps to accelerate its regeneration and cleansing.

    Papaya is extremely rich with vitamin C and apple acid, that's why its extract has a brightening effect, accelerates skin recovery after sunburns, promotes narrowing of pores and improves skin tone.

Best Natural Skincare For Oily Skin.

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    We suggest this simple, yet effective routine for your oily or acne prone skin:

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