Love yourself today.
Hi Beautiful,

When was the last time you paused!
Yah, you heard me right… when was the last time you hit the pause button on your life and lived and enjoyed the moment?

You see, the world is going through such a dark time right now.


Civil rights unrest!

Political turmoils!

And all the personal challenges you’re going through…

Now, more than ever you need to take care of yourself despite everything going on.

So, today I want us to talk about SELF CARE RECIPES.


We must take some intentional time to take care of ourselves: it’s the only way we’re going to sail through this crisis with a sober mind.

So, my challenge today is…


Take a break and do something special for yourself.
Personally, when I’m tired or exhausted from a day’s work I will spare some 30 minutes before bedtime to enjoy a warm bubble bath.

As I relax I will sip on a cold glass of lemon water, I purposefully, enjoy the feeling on the warm water caress my soft skin, and watch as the beautiful bubbles burst and form again with every movement on the water.

This is one of the best 30 minutes of my day!

So, today I challenge you to get a self-love recipe.

Set some time in your day to do something that rejuvenates your spirits, something that builds you up.

We want you to relax and enjoy life and enjoy your inner self by doing some small self-love rituals.

These rituals may be very simple, like making tea and reading a book. Light a candle and take a bath.

Make your bathroom extra sparkling for yourself. Grab your softest towel. Run your water just the right temperature.

Have that bubble bomb you got in the natural store? Drop it in there. Get your book, glass of wine or tea, silence your cellphone, and enjoy yourself!

Go for an evening walk as you listen to your favorite podcast or playlist.
It could be hitting the gym or doing a home workout routine.


Anything specific that spells ‘I LOVE MYSELF’!

30 minutes of complete relaxation will give you a feeling of relief and will fuel you up with the energy you need to go concur the world and share that light with your loved ones.

Do it TODAY.

Love yourself a little bit more today.

Self love

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