Is Your Cycle Telling You Something?

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What Is Your Cycle Trying To Tell You?

Ovulatory cycle (which is a more correct way to call menstrual cycle) is a perfect mechanism that has been created by evolution to continue human life on this planet. It is an instrument of the reproductive system that has its own patterns, meant to fulfill specific tasks, given by the reptile part of our brain.

This is important to understand because whatever comes from the ancient part of the brain cannot be controlled by the modern one (neocortex). It can be understood though.

This article will explain to you what happens to a woman during every phase of the cycle. When we understand what's happening to our psyche and bodies and why, it becomes easier to accept certain behaviors and conditions and be more tolerant to ourselves and others. It also helps to live in balance with yourself planning your life in harmony with your own waves.

Part 1: Growth.

When does the menstrual cycle start?

It starts approximately on the 3-4th day of the cycle, when the level of estrogens starts to increase with the growth of an egg in one of the ovaries. At the same time fresh endometrium starts to grow in the uterus, preparing space for the future embrio.

A few things happen with a woman during this phase. As nature prepares her to meet a partner, her appearance and behavior starts to change.

She has a very good appetite, craves physical activity, and achieves good results in sports. With the growing level of estrogens all cognitive functions improve: memoryperceptiondecision making. A woman is interested in a lot of things, wants to learn, travel and meet new people.

Around the 9th day appears competition with other women (mostly subconsciously) and the desire to buy clothes, jewelry and such. This is the time when you want to get something to feel more attractive, and it's totally normal. Our natural skincare products are a great way to invest in yourself this time of the month.

Around the 10th day when the estrogen level is quite high already there are visible skin improvements, and eyes and hair become shinier.


This is the time when you want to get something to feel more attractive, and it's totally normal.

Our natural skincare products are a great way to invest in yourself this time of the month.

Part 2: Ovulation.

Around 10-16 day (depending on the length of the cycle) the hormone level is very high. When it reaches a certain point, the egg comes out of the follicle, and drawn by the fallopian tube cilia, starts its journey inside the tube.

Psychologically it feels like a rise. A woman looks and feels attractive. Her erogenous zones become more sensitive. Her moves become more smooth.

She has a pleasant smell, becomes more outgoing and flirtatious. Her level of critical thinking decreases though, thus she becomes more prone to risk and unreasonable decisions. This is a natural mechanism for preservation of the species, nothing personal 😉


Part 3: "A Little Pregnant".

This is a very interesting part, because at this moment nobody knows whether the conception happened or not. But "just in case" the body starts preparing for pregnancy.

The remnants of the follicle turn into a new organ - corpus luteum, which starts to produce its own hormone - progesterone. With the growth of progesterone a few things happen to a woman.

Her endometrium becomes richer in nutrients to support a possible embryo in its first days of life. It also becomes more loose so that it could better keep it until the final stages of implantation.

Psychologically it is time to stock up and preserve the resources. A woman loses her interest in the outer world. She prefers to do something quiet, relax and have time for herself. Her need for self-care and self-preservation increases. During this stage it is nice to relax with our Banana Exfoliating Mask to have some productive you-time.

Around day 20-22 she becomes less outgoing, more sensitive, her immune system weakens for the implantation. Women often have symptoms of a cold or vaginal infections during this time.

Around day 19-25 there is a time for implantation. Women tend to stay in and often want to lie down. (Of course if they don't have a gym membership, in this case they tend to exercise despite what their nature requires 😁).

Then, if the implantation is a success, the embryo will start producing a new hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) and the body will switch into pregnancy mode. If it isn't, a woman will get her period.


Part 4: Menstruation.

If there's no implantation or the implantation was not successful, all hormones drop to a zero level and this decrease causes the endometrium to come out: a woman receives her period.

During these 3-5 days she loses 30 to 120 ml of blood in total. This is time to slow down so that the body can recover and prepare for a new cycle. This process is absolutely painless and free of mood swings if a woman is in harmony with her own nature.


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