Everything You Need to Know About Natural and Organic Skincare

Everything You Need to Know About Natural and Organic Skincare

When the beauty industry throws around tons of misleading terminology, it becomes a challenge to decipher which products are truly natural, organic, and good for your skin.

Even more, it can even be difficult to have a full understanding of what organic products or clean beauty really mean since there’s no concise definition.

And well, that’s why we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about natural and organic skincare products. From what they actually mean to what separates them from conventional beauty products.

Dive deeper with us if you’ve always wanted to make the switch to clean beauty but aren’t sure what it entails!

What Does it Actually Mean to Use “Natural” Skincare Products?

Ever since clean beauty started to become the demand of the industry, brands have been using buzz-words like “natural” to describe products that aren’t necessarily clean or natural by any means.

If the claim doesn’t match the ingredient list, you know you’re looking at a deceptive marketing strategy!

Natural skincare means that the ingredients to make the formula are naturally-derived from the earth, like herbs, essential oils, and plants.

If it’s truly natural, you won’t find any synthetic or artificial ingredients when you check the label.

Natural skincare is not only gentle on your skin, but it is safe to use on your body since the ingredients aren’t toxic to your health.

What Does Organic Skincare Mean?

When you see organic skincare, that means that each ingredient in the formula has been grown using organic growing methods. It’s grown without pesticides, chemicals, parabens, and so on so that you can have the peace of mind that the products you’re using are 100% clean.

At Rosy Lana, each ingredient we use is sourced from ethical farmers that grow without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers to give you the purest product we can.

We choose our ingredients based on freshness, potency, and quality because skincare is your first layer of defense; it should protect you rather than cause any harm.

We’re transparent with what’s inside our products and how our products are made, which is just one reason why you can put your trust in the clean beauty industry!

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Is Natural and Organic Skincare Effective?

One common myth about natural and organic products is that they’re less effective than synthetic skincare products.

This myth might have become popular since we’ve been accustomed to artificial ingredients, which leads us to believe that anything natural isn’t strong enough to work.

That being said, just because clean beauty products focus on naturally-derived ingredients, it doesn’t mean that they neglect performance!

The natural and organic beauty world prioritizes skin health and overall wellness to ensure that products don’t cause any long-term damage.

Clean beauty wouldn’t be where it is today, continuously growing over the years if effectiveness were to be sacrificed for natural ingredients!

In fact, naturally-derived ingredients offer some incredible benefits to your skin, like reducing the risk of irritation and inflammation!

At the end of the day, natural and organic skincare is synonymous with non-toxic beauty, meaning that every clean product you choose has been made with your safety in mind.

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