Why Natural Skincare is Better?

In recent years, there has been a great debate on why natural skincare is better. Furthermore, the discussion further narrows down to which skincare products are better. Is it natural or synthetic skincare products?  

Synthetic skincare products are produced in factories by chemicals, while natural skincare products consist of actual natural ingredients obtained from nature.  

Both synthetic and organic skincare products are flooding the beauty products market. But natural skincare is better than synthetic use skincare. Below are reasons why natural skincare is better:


Are easier on your skin


We all have different skin sensitivity, and what goes on the skin matters. Synthetic skin care products have a lot of unknown chemicals. These chemicals may cause the body to react differently.

However, organic skincare products are very gentle on your skin. They contain natural extracts that work with the skin rather than against it.

Natural skin care products reduce most if not all the harm caused by synthetic products. These effects include swelling, redness, itchiness, or allergic reactions that are caused by chemicals.

Natural skincare products also protect your skin from sun rays. Natural sunscreen protects your face from the burning sun rays without causing any irritation. Compared to synthetic sunscreens, natural sunscreens have a long-lasting effect than the synthetic sunscreens.


Leave no doubt on your health


What goes on goes in. Therefore, whatever you apply on your skin is also absorbed in the inside. How dangerous could that be with products filled with harmful chemicals? It could be a significant health risk.

On the other hand, when you get the best natural skin care products, health is your least concern as you can be sure they are safe.

Natural products are the best as they give you an assurance that your skin will most likely not react negatively to them.


Protect your nose


Generally, skincare products have fragrance. Your nose has powerful senses that smell any scent near or around it.

Synthetic skincare products have strong fragrances that may be harmful to your respiratory organs, especially your nose. Why expose your nose to too much torture with harmful fragrances?

Alternatively, there are also scents from natural skincare products. These are better since the scents come naturally. They are not similar to manufactured fragrances, as is for synthetic skincare hence they are most likely going to be more friendly.


Good for the planet


Synthetic skincare exposes the environment to toxic chemicals, just like they do to your skin. When you use manufactured skincare products, they get drained, especially after washing them off. Thus, the drained chemicals corrode pipes and later get disposed to the rest of the environment.

On the other hand, truly organic skincare has harmless components that are nonetheless from the same environment.

Still, on the environmental benefits, the production process also differs for both skincare methods. Synthetic skin care products require a lot of production. The ingredients used for production need mining since they are hard to find—mining results in the creation of a lot of waste.

Contrastingly, natural skincare only requires ingredients that are easy to source. Especially when it comes to extraction, mostly for plants, surrounding plants do not get affected.


Clean ingredients


When you look at synthetic skincare packages, you will notice unfamiliar terms that are explained better as chemicals. The words written in symbols or chemical names are hard to understand. Most of these chemicals have short term solutions that destroy your skin’s natural barrier function.

On the flip side, when you look at a natural skincare product packaging, the terms there are familiar. Mostly you get words such as vitamin c, vitamin d, vitamin e, apple extract, lemon extract, and the likes. The ingredients that have a lot of benefits to your skin.




Your skin covers your own body and protects it from external dangers. Using natural skincare will help your skin maintain its original form and protects it from aggressors. Remember, healthy skin is beautiful skin and self-love begins with your body.

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